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Squash Them!

How to Play Squash Sport?

The Basics

The squash sport is a match game that could be played in singles and in doubles. The sport got its name from the soft ball that is being used in the game. They are squeezable or as they out it “squashable”.

You can gain a score in this game when your opponent (1) hit and miss the squash ball, (2) the ball your opponent hit went below the tin line at the front wall of the court, and (3) the ball went on the outside of the court. The goal of the game is to rally the score until you first reach 11 points. But, if both opposing players gained 10 points, then an opponent must gain two more from the other player to be considered the winner.

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Crucial Parts To Get You Started on Playing Squash

The Court

The court of a squash game is unique as the court have walls on all sides. The front wall has three parts: the tin, board and the cut line. The half court line serves as a divider between the two opponents. Both sides of the opponents’ place have a service box where you can serve the ball at the beginning of the rally. The short line delineates the allowable distance between the players and the wall. There are also out of court line.

Squash Racket

Most of the racket available today are made of graphite-titanium combo. Squash rackets have an oversized head but short but thicker than badminton handles.

Squash Ball

There’s six squash ball with different colors. The color indicates the speed of the bounce of the ball, the hang time speed. This way, players of different expertise levels can choose the appropriate ball. For juniors and new to the game, the blue squash ball is recommended. Red is the ball for beginners.

Squash Shoes

There’s a specialized indoor court shoe with soft outer soles that won’t damage the floor of the court. Keep away from basketball, cross-trainers and running shoes.

You and Your Opponent

Of course, the players are the main act on this game. Be prepared to be challenged not just for your sprint abilities and fast reflexes but also the acuity of the mind as you strategize on how to beat the opponent as you’re positioned side by side and not face-to-face, unlike in most sports.

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