The Squash Rackets Federation of India

The Squash Rackets Federation of India or the SRFI is the apex body for the governance of the sport of squash in India. It addition to conducting the National Squash Championship directly, the SRFI promotes the sport through affiliated state level bodies. The SRFI is also responsible for selecting the Indian national team, the coaches for the Indian national team (Mr. Cyrus Poncha and Major S. Maniam currently) and for providing the players and the coaches with requisite training facilities.

Squash India

In addition, the SRFI conducts several other activities geared towards the promotion of the sport of squash in the country. These include the hosting of coaching camps, both at the Indian Squash Academy and other venues, training referees, several of whom are already refereeing the international circuit, organizing selections to select the Indian participants at international competitions and organizing various diploma courses.

The admirable efforts of the SRFI have recently begun to bear fruit with several Indian players becoming recognized forces on the international circuit and several of them also breaking into the top 100 of the world rankings. Saurv Ghosal, the highest ever ranked Indian player at 26 in the recently released PSA rankings, is one of the most famous examples of the successes of the SRFI.


The SRFI is currently headquartered in Chennai and has more than 20 State Associations and affiliated units. Each of these state associations and affiliated units are actively engaged in the promotion and development of the sport, under the overall supervision of and the aegis of the SRFI.

Future Plan

The Squash Rackets Federation of India has formalized a long term development plan to transform India into one of the leading squash playing countries on the world circuit. A lot of effort has gone into nurturing and developing squash as the junior level and this has reflected in recent performances by students training under the aegis of the SRFI. The next few years promise to be the coming of age of Indian squash and we can expect to see several Indian players winning laurels in the international arena.

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